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John Cooper was the guest preacher, sitting in for Pastor Cal and the title of his message was “HOW DID WE GET TO THIS POINT?”.

We looked at America 2021 from God’s perspective in Isaiah 5 and found that the nation of Judah in Isaiah’s time was not much different than we are today. Materialism, greed, drunkenness, excessive entertainment, mocking God, moral perversion, arrogance and immoral leadership are what God condemned his children for. These behaviors would bring great judgment to Judah and God does not look at these sins any different today. Looking at history we see three basic steps to the death of a nation, religious apostasy, moral awfulness, and political anarchy all of which we see or have seen in America today.

The good news is that the Church of Jesus Christ was ESTABLISHED FOR A TIME LIKE THIS! In Isaiah 6, Isaiah was seeking the Sovereign God and found God not only to be Sovereign but HOLY and Isaiah needed to deal with his sin before the HOLY God. God offered the atonement to Isaiah that only He could give and God was looking for someone to step up to deliver the message of blessing for obedience or judgment for disobedience. Isaiah was that man and when he asked how long should I deliver this message God told him that Judah would not listen and to deliver the message until Judah was totally destroyed for their disobedience.

As believers today we need to confess our own personal sin as Isaiah did and be ready in obedience to deliver God’s message to the world we live in.